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    Use the EITC Assistant and other IRS tools when sharing EITC resources with families.
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    The NFCAD app provides contact and location information for organizations, groups, agencies, and experts across the child welfare field.
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    About 1 in 5 people infected with Zika virus become ill. With increased concerns about the zika virus, take steps to protect yourself and family from mosquito bites.

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Barbara Andrews standing at a table and smiling

Head Start and the Affordable Care Act

March 8, 2016

Barbara Andrews, Region 2 IORA staff, at an outreach and enrollment event in New Jersey.Even young children recognize the importance of health care. At an outreach and enrollment event during the most recent open enrollment period hosted by Newark Public Schools (Head Start grantee in Newark

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Young Leaders Speak at the United Nations Headquarters

United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY