Family Structure, Stability and Child Wellbeing Webinar

1:00 PM

The Office of Planning and Research (OPRE) Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse (SSRC) will be sponsoring a free webinar, Family Structure, Stability and Child Wellbeing, on December 11 at 1 pm CT as part of their Emerging Scholar series.

Dr. Terry-Ann Craigie, the current SSRC Emerging Scholar, will discuss the determinants and effects of family structure and instability, as well as the pathways through which child wellbeing is affected. Topics to be covered during Dr. Craigie's Webinar include key determinants of family structure and stability, whether child outcomes vary by family structure, the advantages and disadvantages of formal versus informal child support, and implications for policy and future research. During the Webinar, Dr. Craigie will answer questions submitted by SSRC users and Webinar participants.

The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required. Get details on the NRFC Events Calendar.