Preventing Child Abuse One Child at a Time

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The Hockaday Child Development Center, Dallas, TX

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Recognizing, Reporting and Preventing Child Abuse

The Hockaday Child Development Center
11600 Welch Road
Dallas, TX 75229

Presented by: Prevent Child Abuse Texas

Child care and school workers are usually the first non-family member to see children outside the home on a regular basis. This exposes them to children who are potential victims of child abuse and as such must be trained to recognize abuse and what to do if it is suspected.

Every 11 seconds a U.S. child is reported as abused or neglected. Child Abuse and Neglect has been cited by the Center for Disease Control as a priority health problem. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has called violence toward children a public health crisis. In the words of Dr. Bruce Perry, a nationally renowned researcher on child abuse, “If 20 million people were infected by a virus that caused anxiety, impulsivity, aggression, sleep problems, depression, respiratory and heart problems, vulnerability to substance abuse, antisocial and criminal behavior, retardation and school failure, we would consider it an urgent public health crisis. Yet, in the United States alone, there are more than 20 million abused, neglected and traumatized children vulnerable to these problems. Our society has yet to recognize this epidemic, let alone develop an immunization strategy.

There were 68,326 confirmed child abuse/neglect victims in 2009. Child abuse is a cylindrical problem. Parents abused as children are more than six times as likely to abuse their children as parents who were not abused. Approximately 50% of these victims were pre-school age. Furthermore, approximately 93% of the children were abused by their own family, thereby increasing the need for training.

A certificate of attendance will be provided for six hour credit to each participant.


8:00 Registration
8:30 Recognizing Child Abuse

  • Types of Abuse - Physical, Sexual, Emotional, & Neglect
  • Characteristics of Victims
  • Characteristics of Perpetrators

12:00 Lunch - On your Own

1:00 Documenting Child Abuse/Neglect

  • Record Keeping - When Do You Report
  • Protecting Yourself Against False Accusations
  • How To Report Child Abuse And The Process Of Investigation
  • Aftermath of Report

2:30 Preventing Child Abuse

  • What You Can Do
  • Community Resources

3:30 Evaluation & Adjournment

Pre-registration is $20 if completed by September 28 with on-site registration of $25. Seating is limited.

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