A Pause for Applause

We are pleased to announce that Carolyn B. Meier, Deputy Regional Administrator, received the prestigious HHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service, on Thursday, June 5th.

Carolyn has had a distinguished career providing exemplary vision and leadership to advance the ACF mission. 

During her tenure she has performed at the highest level across all areas of the agency including program and finance, administration, and systems and technology, and effectively responded to political and organizational changes.   She has built strong partnerships with a vast number of people from different organizations, backgrounds, and cultures to successfully negotiate situations for positive solutions that promote the well-being for children and families in Region VI.   As a public servant, she works to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of services, the integrity of the agency, and her public and personal conduct reflects favorably on the agency and federal service.  

Most recently, Carolyn has played an integral leadership role in many high profile projects and high priority initiatives including Affordable Care Act, Assets for Independence, Family Strengthening, and Unaccompanied Alien Children.

Congratulations to Carolyn B. Meier!