ACF Region 6 Employees Celebrate 3 Years of Partnering with the Meals on Wheels Program

Our ACF Region 6 employees celebrate 3 years of partnering with the Meals on Wheels program.  Our employees answered President Obama’s Call to Service by forming a team and volunteering to deliver meals to low income older and disabled citizens in economically disadvantaged South Dallas Neighborhoods.  The team has delivered close to 1,750 meals to those who may not have a nutritious meal without the Meals on Wheels program. 

Volunteering gives our employees a sense of accomplishment and of giving back to their communities and brings a smile to those citizen’s they serve.  Community service is a priority and inline with the Administration for Children and Families’ mission of promoting stronger families and communities.   In addition, the children who reside in the homes of the patrons, experience the power and compassion of giving back and hopefully will carry these positive traits into adulthood.

In June, 2009, President Obama unveiled United We Serve, an extended call to service, challenging all Americans to help lay a new foundation of growth in this country by engaging in sustained, meaningful, community service.  Senior hunger in America is a monumental problem.  Today, there are nearly 6 million seniors in the United States facing the threat of hunger.  Looking at the numbers, it is easy to become discouraged. Looking at the people whom the numbers represent, however, impels us to action. 

Our employees feel a strong sense of commitment to their communities both as citizens and civil servants, and are compelled to answer President Obama’s call to service by becoming more active through volunteer service.  With the full support of leadership at the regional office, the team use their lunchtime and commits it to delivering meals to those who need them most.  The team goes from home to home and greets each person with a warm and caring smile.  The team is never too rushed to take time to talk with the clients, providing contact to individuals who, in all likelihood, may not have social interaction on that day.      

The Meals on Wheels program is funded in part by ACF’s sister Health and Human Services agency, the Administration on Aging (AoA) and is designed to provide nutritious, balanced meals delivered on Wheels enhances the quality of life of homebound individuals by providing nutritious meals, personal contact, and related services.  The program relies heavily on volunteers to deliver meals, saving money that would otherwise have to be spent on wages for drivers instead of much needed meals.