ACF Region 6 Employees Participate in Annual Stand Down Events

ACF Region 6 employees:  Sharon Butler, LaMonica Wooten, Demetra Moore, Reta Oliver, Larry McDowell, Joani Hart, Charla Long, Anjal Coleman, and Diane Brookins participated in the planning and delivery of the annual Veterans Affairs Homeless Stand Down events.  In 2011, our employees attended and participated in two annual Stand Downs events held in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Dallas, Texas.  Our employees joined other federal, state, tribal, non-profit and local government agencies to make these events a success.  The New Mexico “Stand Down & Project Hand Up” was held on October 14th and 15th and the Dallas Stand Down "Offering a Hand Up Not a Hand Down" was held on October 21st.  Both events provided veterans with surplus clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, winter jackets, sleep shirts, duffle bags and backpacks, and personal hygiene kits.  Additionally, dental exams, reading glasses, HIV counseling and testing, housing and employment information along with other veterans’ services were provided.  All attendees, including children, received jackets, pants, underwear, socks, pants and a pair of shoes.  All participants were offered a haircut, shower and flu shots including a hot meal for lunch.  There were several booths set up to help veterans with their individual needs which included the Child Support Enforcement Division.  Our employees answered questions and assisted veterans in addressing their child support issues which primarily dealt with modifications due to economy hardship and homelessness.  For more information on these events visit Veterans Affairs Homeless Stand Down.