Region 6 Participates in Wellness Walk

On May 22, 2013, the ACF Region 6 Staff Wellness Committee in partnership with the FOH Fitness Center, in the Dallas Regional Office, sponsored a walk in conjunction with the Surgeon General’s Walk to Wellness, held in Washington, DC on this same date.  The 9 volunteer members of the Wellness Committee plan to host events as part of the ACF Staff Wellness Initiative.

Twelve individuals from ACF and other HHS agencies took the 30 minute, one mile walk to Dallas’ Union Station and onto the Farmers Market for an opportunity to buy some healthy food before returning to the office.

The Wellness Committee will be hosting future walks, other events, and educational information in partnership with FOH.  These events will provide all staff with opportunities in increase their physical activity, emotional wellbeing, and healthy eating habits which are the primary goals of the ACF Wellness initiative.