San Antonio Grantee and Community Roundtable

On April 25, 2013, we partnered with Teaching and Mentoring Communities (TMC) to host a Grantee and Community Roundtable:  Strengthening Families using Best Practices in a Culturally Competent Way, in San Antonio, TX.  The Roundtable focused on program sustainability, underserved populations, collaborations and partnerships, and asset building.  More than 100 local grantees, faith-based and community organizations, and local, state, and federal governments participated in the Roundtable.  George Sheldon, ACF Acting Assistant Secretary, provided morning plenary remarks on the importance of family, marriage, and fatherhood which set an excellent foundation for the presentations throughout the day on the Affordable Care Act, asset building, fatherhood and marriage, and services for veterans.  Patrick Patterson (pictured here) got the participants involved during his presentation, Promising Practices & Resources for Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage.  Henry Cisneros, Chairman of CityView, inspired the participants with afternoon plenary remarks about the importance of preparing our children for the future and how important education, specifically early childhood education is to the process.  He discussed the need for parental involvement and engagement in children’s success and that community alliances are critical.  Based on his own life and his experience starting a local, non-profit organization, he shared his “Ten Step Life Plan for Immigrants” that follows many of our initiatives and priorities, including asset building, fatherhood and healthy marriage, and early childhood development. 

Read more about this Roundtable and see the presentations and speaker biographies.