SAMHSA Women's Conference

All day
San Diego Marquis - San Diego, CA


This CONFERence is for anyone interested in learning more and participating in a 
dialogue about mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment and 
recovery for women and girls.  

Program directors, clinicians, administrators, researchers, policy-makers, 
individuals in recovery, students and other stakeholders serving women and girls 
will find attendance at this conference to be relevant and worthwhile. The 
intent of the co-sponsors is to create a CONFERence filled with informed 
dialogue and stimulating resources that inform, inspire and encourage the best 
possible prevention, mental health and addictions services for women and girls.

As suggested by the CONFERence theme, “It’s All About HERR – Health, 
Empowerment, Resilience and Recovery” the 2012 conference will be:

  • Implementation Focused: Effective practices and policies to improve 
    outcomes for women and girls and the capacity to use them.
  • Building Alignment and Unity: Creating a better shared understanding 
    across prevention, mental health and addictions treatment and recovery 
  • Creating a Learning Community Focused on Women and Girls: 
    Exchanging research and practice on what works. The conference 
    embodies gender-responsive, recovery-oriented, culturally-competent, 
    trauma-informed principles and practices and celebrates diversity.

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