Appreciating One Another - All Day, Every Day


As the Region 8 staff gathered together to enjoy some music, lunch, and little time away from the daily duties, they shared with each other their appreciation and their hard work; followed by a little friendly competition of a team-building game of Pictionary. Brought on by the Acting Assistant Secretary, George Sheldon, ACF celebrated their annual ACF Staff Appreciation Picnic. The program managers of region 8 hosted a pizza and salad lunch for the staff and spent some time appreciating the work that they all contribute. Thomas Sullivan (RA), Karen Knoll-Moran (CCDF), Diane Degenhart (OCSE), Jeff Newton (OGM), Debbie Hedin (OHS), Monica Dazzio (OCSE Audit), and Marilyn Kennerson (CB) all shared their gratitude not only to their staff, but to their supporting staff as well.