Surprise Guest for the 2012 HHS Regional Director's Award Ceremony

This year’s annual Regional Director’s Award Ceremony for HHS was based around President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four freedoms. These four freedoms are the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These freedoms were mentioned in FDR’s State of the Union speech on January 6th, 1941 symbolizing the war aims and gave hope in the following years of war.

On October 23rd at the Colorado State Capitol in the Old Supreme Court Chambers, Regional Director Marguerite Salazar surprised the audience with a special guest speaker, keeping the guest name under cover until the right moment. After the staff was able to look back at the year presented by a slideshow created by Jacklyn Williams from Administration for Children and Families, RD Salazar introduced the guest with a brief history on the Four Freedoms and President Roosevelt. Then with a warm welcome, the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, entered the room. Very well portrayed by Richard Marold, the audience was taken back in time as Marold presented FDR’s legacy, letting the audience believe that FDR’s presence was real.

Eight awards were presented, each representing the Four Freedoms. Four divisions were awarded each of the Norman Rockwell paintings that represented the freedoms. They will be circulated around to the different divisions every year. There were also four individuals that were awarded for accomplishing one of the freedoms. Administration for Children and Families very own Sam Martinez of Children’s Bureau was awarded the Freedom from Fear award for his efforts in providing refuge and safety of a young girl who was abandoned by her mother in Arizona. Martinez worked to make sure the girl was safely in the arms of her grandmother.

Among the Freedom awards, HHS employees were recognized for their milestone years of service with a special pin. The ceremony ended with a lunch celebration in the State Capitol.