Whiz Kids Tutoring

Whiz Kids provides free one-to-one tutoring for elementary and middle school youth at-risk of failing out of schoo. Our simple, effective model increases literacy and math rates, builds self-esteem and fosters the development of positive assets.

  • New Tutor Training: Each year close to 300 new volunteers sign up to tutor. Whiz Kids provides them with the materials and training they need to be effective tutors.
  • Facilitate Tutoring Sessions: Our sites meet once a week, Monday - Thursday, for 1.5 hours.
  • Fully Equipped Tutoring Sites: Education games, learning tools and healthy snacks.
  • Liaison Teachers: Provide academic support to tutors and students at each tutoring site.
  • Half-an-Hour Club Program: A fun, engaging program that communicates God's love for each kid.
  • Enrichment Activities: To help build relationships.
    • Rodeo: A year-end celebration that 1,100 tutors and kids attended.
    • Slam Dunk: Our Fall kick-off event that 2,004 tutors, kids and their families attended.
    • Whiz Kids 2 Camp: 60 kids and tutors attended camp in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

For more information visit: www.WhizKidsTutoring.com

For more information on ways to help, please call: 303-504-9449