Quick Facts

  • Two gentleman standing outside a mostly constructed house

    395 businesses

    have been created by ANA projects since 2006

  • Man and woman using power tool on siding

    4.5 full-time jobs per project

    on average, are created by ANA grantees.

  • Gentleman giving presentation outdoors in front of a small crowd

    $.73 of additional community investment

    is generated by ANA grantees from every $1 of ANA funding to support their projects

  • Palm Trees Bending in Hurricane Winds

    Do you live in a disaster zone?

    No matter where you live, the answer is "Yes." While some areas are more disaster-prone than others, a disaster can happen anywhere, any time. Be

  • 151

    Number of Disasters in the U.S.

    Since 2002, an average of 151 federally recognized disasters and emergencies strike the United States each year.

  • Illustration of three banks connected with dotted lines, with text $136 Million

    Child support collections through the MSFIDM program in 2012

    Collections through the federal Multistate Financial Institution Data Match program voluntarily reported by states.

  • Illustration of person with suitcase looking up at airplane, with text $29 Million

    Passport Denial child support collections in 2012

    Voluntarily reported by states, a 7 percent increase over 2011.

  • U.S. map, with text "53"

    States and territories participate in the federal Insurance Match

    The federal Insurance Match program matches with 22 state workers’ compensation agencies, 775 insurers, and the U.S. Department of Labor to collect child support.

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