Quick Facts

  • Illustration of hand, palm side up, holding text $2.2 billion

    Federal offset child support collections in 2012

    From the federal tax refund offset and administrative offset programs combined  

  • 27 percent of young people

    served by the Transitional Living Program are either pregnant or have already had at least one child.

    FYSB’s maternity group homes teach young people parenting skills, health and nutrition, family budgeting, and other skills to promote their long-term economic independence and ensure the well-being of their children.

  • Sillouette of mother holding toddler; text: 3 out of 10

    Girls become pregnant by age 20

    The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is hosting an interactive quiz through May to raise awareness among teens. 

  • Native woman holding baby with text 50 Tribes

    Operate comprehensive tribal child support programs

    Ten more tribes are receiving funding to put a program in place.

  • Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) logo

    HPOG participants received a wage increase

    Of the participants who were employed when they enrolled in the program, 2,141 have had a wage increase as a result of the healthcare occupational training received through HPOG. Learn more about the HPOG program and its grantees.

  • A group photo of HPOG students in their scrubs

    HPOG participants completed a healthcare training

    21,990 HPOG participants have completed at least one healthcare occupational training since the program started in 2010. Meet some of our participants and learn about their journeys to become healthcare professionals by reading our Compendium of Success Stories.

  • A group photo of HPOG students by a patient bed

    HPOG participants gained healthcare employment since enrollment

    14,821 HPOG participants have gained employment in a healthcare occupation since enrolling in the program. View the most recent evaluation report for info about the HPOG program and the outcomes achieved by participants.

  • A sample photo of HPOG students in a classroom setting

    HPOG participants enrolled in a healthcare training

    30,955 HPOG participants have enrolled in a healthcare occupational training since the program started in 2010.  Our program provides training in more than 50 distinct occupations in the healthcare field. Learn more about HPOG grantees and the strategies they use to support participants in our Compendium of Promising Practices.

  • Three circles labeled California, Texas, and Florida

    Three states each have more than a million veterans

    Do you know your veteran population?  Check out this infographic from the Census Bureau.

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