Quick Facts

  • 897 youth learned skills to be better parents

    through Maternity Group Homes funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau in 2013.

  • More than 81,000 Enrolled in IDAs

    Through the AFI program more than 81,000 individuals have enrolled in IDAs. 60,108 accounts have been opened, depositing a total of $56,653,295 in earned income.

  • Teen girl with hands on chin
    $10.9 billion

    Cost to taxpayers for teen childbearing

    The national and state estimates include costs associated with child welfare, criminal justice, public health and public assistance, as well as lost tax revenue.

  • 60

    Community-Centered Grants

    were awarded by the Healthy Marriage program.

  • 19,936 youth found shelter in 2013

    for at least one night with the help of Street Outreach programs funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau.

  • 262,520

    individuals were placed in subsidized jobs.

    This number includes 138,050 youth, all of whom were placed in jobs using TANF Emergency Funding.

  • 22 Million Receive Services Funded by SSBG

    In 2009, more than 22 million individuals received services funded in whole or in part by the SSBG program.

  • 1.5 million children

    receive a child care subsidy from the Child Care and Development Fund every month.

    Learn more about the Child Care and Development Fund

  • Woman with kids holding Head Start banner

    Since 1965, Head Start has provided comprehensive services to more than 30 million children, birth to age 5, and their families.

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