Quick Facts

  • Photo from Chickaloon Native Village in Alaska

    Each ANA language project helps approximately 40 youth increase their Native language fluency.

  • Youth is receiving training in science in Alaska

    61 environmental codes for local governments and nonprofits have been developed by ANA grantees in the past six years

  • Illustration of reading glasses. Text: 804,000

    Unmarried grandparents raising a grandchild

    Find the data in the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011 American Community Survey.

  • Red, white, and blue illustration of text: 10,000 Veterans

    About half the states have more than 10,000 veterans in their child support caseload

    Learn more from the OCSE fact sheet Veterans in the Child Support Caseload.

  • Text: Over 1 Million visits (transparent sillouettes of people in background)

    The number of hits to our website in the past year

    We continue to make enhancements. See the improved Policy page.

  • Text: 72%; illustration of arrows pointing in two directions to dollar bills

    Of total child support collections in FY 2012 were from income withholding

    Income withholding increased by 3 percent, to $22.9 billion. See the OCSE FY 2012 Preliminary Report for details.  

  • Text: $31.6 Billion

    The total child support collections (including non-IV-D collections) in FY 2012

    This amount represents a 1.4% increase in one year. See the OCSE FY 2012 Preliminary Report for details.    

  • Know the warning signs of abuse. The Hotline 1-800-799-7233. TTY 1-800-787-3224.

    Intentionally hurtful words, blaming, and threats by a partner are often precursors to physical violence.

    The National Domestic Violence Hotline, a project of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program, has a helpful tip sheet for recognizing signs of abuse.

  • Intimate partner violence (IPV) is not limited to physical abuse

    It also incorporates sexual violence, threats, and emotional abuse.

    For IPV survivors struggling with severe emotional trauma, the National Center for Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health, a resource center supported by the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program, has developed comprehensive, accessible and culturally ­relevant responses to the range of trauma-­related issues caused by abusive relationships.

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