Quick Facts

    • Gentleman giving presentation outdoors in front of a small crowd

      $.73 of additional community investment

      is generated by ANA grantees from every $1 of ANA funding to support their projects

    • Palm Trees Bending in Hurricane Winds

      Do you live in a disaster zone?

      No matter where you live, the answer is "Yes." While some areas are more disaster-prone than others, a disaster can happen anywhere, any time. Be

    • 151

      Number of Disasters in the U.S.

      Since 2002, an average of 151 federally recognized disasters and emergencies strike the United States each year.

    • Illustration of three banks connected with dotted lines, with text $136 Million

      Child support collections through the MSFIDM program in 2012

      Collections through the federal Multistate Financial Institution Data Match program voluntarily reported by states.

    • Illustration of person with suitcase looking up at airplane, with text $29 Million

      Passport Denial child support collections in 2012

      Voluntarily reported by states, a 7 percent increase over 2011.

    • U.S. map, with text "53"

      States and territories participate in the federal Insurance Match

      The federal Insurance Match program matches with 22 state workers’ compensation agencies, 775 insurers, and the U.S. Department of Labor to collect child support.

    • Illustration of hand, palm side up, holding text $2.2 billion

      Federal offset child support collections in 2012

      From the federal tax refund offset and administrative offset programs combined  

    • Youth From 11

      Runaway and Homeless Youth grantees entered the third annual RHY mural contest in 2013.

      See all the entries and read, in their own words, why they are meaningful.

    • 27 percent of young people

      served by the Transitional Living Program are either pregnant or have already had at least one child.

      FYSB’s maternity group homes teach young people parenting skills as well as health and nutrition, family budgeting, and other skills to promote their long-term economic independence and ensure the wellbeing of their children.


Quick Facts

  • Illustration of dollars and an arrow pointing to two houses

    Percentage of child support collections that went to families in FY 2013

  • Illustration depicting a dollar bill coming out of the flow to a paycheck

    Percentage of child support collected through income withholding from employee paychecks in FY 2013

  • Illustration of dollar bills

    Amount of child support that state and tribal programs collected in FY 2013

  • An estimated 300 thousand young people

    will have been reached with teen pregnancy prevention and adulthood preparation programming by the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s State Personal Responsibility Education Program by September 2014.

  • Teenage Fathers Are 25 Percent

    less likely to receive a high school diploma by age 22 than similar young males who did not become fathers as teens.

    The Family and Youth Services Bureau encourages all Americans to “PREP Teens for the Future.”

  • More than 60,000

    centers and family child care homes participated in QRIS or other quality improvement activities in 49 States/Territories reporting in 2012. Learn more about the QPR 2012 Report Data.

  • 6 States and Territories

    utilized mobile technology (remote data entry for licensors), improved reporting and e-licensing and paperless training records in 2012. Learn more about the QPR 2012 Report Data.

  • More Than a Quarter of Teens

    ages 16 to 19, volunteered at least once in 2012.

    The Family and Youth Services Bureau encourages volunteerism as a pathway to self-sufficiency.

  • Millions of Americans

    now have health insurance that’s there when they need it, at a price they can afford.

    The Family and Youth Services Bureau marks the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act by encouraging those served by its programs to take care of their health.