Quick Facts

  • Text "1 in 4" next to photo of a row four children in descending height order; tallest child facing front, next three children facing first child

    Children served by the child support program

    In addition, the child support program serves half of all poor children and their families. See the Reentry Council Snapshots on child support and other reentry topics, on the Justice Center website.

  • Illustration of child sitting on one side of a playground seesaw, with text: 1.7 Million

    Children under age 18 with a parent in prison

    This represents an increase of almost 80 percent between 1991 and 2007, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Learn about activities to help children of incarcerated parents in a fact sheet from a federal interagency partnership.

  • Sillouttes of three youth, with text "Before age 14"

    First signs show for half of all mental health disorders

    In addition, three quarters of mental health disorders begin before age 24. See myths and facts about mental health on the new HHS website mentalhealth.gov.

  • The text 7.7 million, with a map-style pointer on the dot between the 7's.

    The number of people located through the Federal Parent Locator Service in 2010

    See the FPLS web page to learn more.

  • Illustration of a row of cell phones with text overlay: 550,000

    People have subscribed to receive text4baby messages

    text4baby, a free service that texts important health information to expectant and new moms, will now send dad-specific messages to fathers and fathers-to-be, too, to encourage them to engage with their children early. The campaign sent more than 62 million messages since its launch in February 2010.  

  • Illustration of a line of children walking with an adult, with text: 32.7 million

    Children in a regular child care arrangement in 2011

    A U.S. Census Bureau infographic also illustrates who’s taking care of the kids, and the costs of child care.

  • Group of adults holding certificates in a classroom

    84 language teachers a year

    are trained by ANA language projects

  • Outdoor classroom discussion involving multiple adults

    150 language projects funded by ANA

    Preserving and promoting 87 different indigenous languages since 2006.

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