Quick Facts

  • Illustration of a row of cell phones with text overlay: 550,000

    People have subscribed to receive text4baby messages

    text4baby, a free service that texts important health information to expectant and new moms, will now send dad-specific messages to fathers and fathers-to-be, too, to encourage them to engage with their children early. The campaign sent more than 62 million messages since its launch in February 2010.  

  • Illustration of a line of children walking with an adult, with text: 32.7 million

    Children in a regular child care arrangement in 2011

    A U.S. Census Bureau infographic also illustrates who’s taking care of the kids, and the costs of child care.

  • Group of adults holding certificates in a classroom

    84 language teachers a year

    are trained by ANA language projects

  • Outdoor classroom discussion involving multiple adults

    150 language projects funded by ANA

    Preserving and promoting 87 different indigenous languages since 2006.

  • Two gentleman standing outside a mostly constructed house

    395 businesses

    have been created by ANA projects since 2006

  • Man and woman using power tool on siding

    4.5 full-time jobs per project

    on average, are created by ANA grantees.

  • Gentleman giving presentation outdoors in front of a small crowd

    $.73 of additional community investment

    is generated by ANA grantees from every $1 of ANA funding to support their projects

  • Palm Trees Bending in Hurricane Winds

    Do you live in a disaster zone?

    No matter where you live, the answer is "Yes." While some areas are more disaster-prone than others, a disaster can happen anywhere, any time. Be

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