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Looking for help for yourself or your family?  Explore the resources below for help.

Help by State/Territory/Tribe


Adult Public Assistance

Aging & Disability Resource Centers

1-877-6AK-ADRC (1-877-625-2372) toll-free

Alaska 2-1-1

Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-478-2221
Alaska 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, health and human services information and referral system to connect Alaskans with a variety of services.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services- Division of Public Assistance

Alaska Department of Revenue - Child Support Services Division

TTY: 907-269-6894

Child Care

Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance

Denali Kidcare

Denali KidCare

DenaliKidCare provides free or low-cost health insurance coverage for children and teens through age 18 and for pregnant women who meet income guidelines.

Family Nutrition

Food Stamps

General Relief Assistance

Heating Assistance


Senior Benefits

Temporary Assistance


Aging & Disability Resource Center

Call 2-1-1 for information and referrals.

Idaho Careline 2-1-1

Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588
The 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine is a free statewide community Information and referral service for a comprehensive listing of state and nonprofit services.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare offers programs that deal with complex social, economic and individual issues, often helping people in crisis situations, including TANF, child care, child welfare, child support, health care and other services.

Idaho Health Plan for Children

CHIP/Medicaid provides low-cost or no-cost health care coverage to eligible children. The plan provides a full range of health services including regular checkups, immunizations, prescription drugs, lab tests, x-rays, hospital visits and more.  Call 2-1-1 for details.


Aging and Disability Resource Center

Healthy Kids

Oregon’s Children's Health Insurance program (CHIP) is a no-cost public assistance option of the Healthy Kids Program.  CHIP is for children younger than 19 living in households with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.   Households may qualify for other assistance through the Office of Private Health Partnerships. Programs include the Family Health Insurance Assistance Program and KidsConnect, the private insurance option of the Healthy Kids program.

Oregon 2-1-1 Info

Call 2-1-1
211 connects the people of Oregon and SW Washington with the community resources they need.

Oregon Department of Employment - Child Care Division


Oregon Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is Oregon’s principal agency for helping Oregonians achieve wellbeing and independence through opportunities that protect, empower, respect choice and preserve dignity, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Department provides assistance with disabled adults, domestic violence, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, SNAP, WIC programs, employment services, senior services, and other services.

Oregon Department of Justice - Child Support Program

(800) 850-0228
TTY:  (800) 735-2900

Oregon Health Program



Aging & Disability Services Administration

TTY: 1-877-905-0454

Washington Apple Health for Kids

TTY: 1-800-204-6430
Washington Apple Health for Kids brings together children’s medical programs under one umbrella.  Families only need to complete one application.  If your family meets the income eligibility standards, your children will be eligible.  (Cell phone users: Because the Apple Health for Kids hot line is a national referral number, calls from out-of-state cell phones will be routed back to the state with that area code. You must call from a telephone number with a Washington State area code to be directed to Washington State benefits.)

Washington Connection

Use this site to see if you might qualify for programs including cash assistance, food, medical, adult care services, child care and more.

Washington State 2-1-1 (Washington Information Network 2-1-1)

Dial 2-1-1 or 1-877-211-WASH (9274)
WIN211 exists to make people’s lives better; to enhance community resiliency; to identify and break cycles of need, and to help organizations, foundations, businesses, individuals and government more efficiently distribute resources.

Washington State Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

Find your local AAA for assistance with senior information, caregiver resources, home-based care and other services

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Community Services Offices can assist with applications for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, food and cash assistance, child care subsidies, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, and other services.


Family Health Hotline: 1-800-322-2588
Apple Health for Kids Hotline: 1-877-543-7669
Family Planning/Take Charge Hotline: 1-800-770-4334
ParentHelp123.org Support Hotline: 1-866-585-1123
Each year, WithinReach connects more than 200,000 Washington families to health resources in their communities. By calling any one of our statewide hotlines, families are connected to free or low-cost health insurance, food resources, immunizations, breastfeeding support, family planning services, parenting support, child development screening services, and many other social and health programs.