SEAMAAC ACA Enrollment Event

Betty Li, a young woman of Philadelphia, Pa., has a good job, but it doesn’t offer health insurance. “It’s a small company,” she says. “But me and my husband still need health insurance.”

That’s why she took her friend’s advice: On her way to work one Saturday morning, Betty stopped by the community-based organization in her South Philly neighborhood called the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC). SEAMAAC and the Administration for Children and Families, Region III Office hosted an Affordable Care Act enrollment event that day. 

It was Betty’s first time at SEAMAAC. She came because one of her co-workers told her SEAMAAC would help her get covered. Her friend knew that Betty was nervous about not having health insurance. Betty explained, “When I was pregnant, I could go to the clinic. But now I don’t have a doctor. Anyway, I’m really afraid to go to the doctor without insurance.” 

It was worth it. Betty and her husband got covered, and their health insurance plan began on April 1, 2014. They will pay less than a dollar a month for the coverage. Twenty-one other people got covered during this enrollment event. Another 15 people started the application process.  

Getting sick no longer means financial trouble. Getting covered means that Betty can spend her time thinking about other things. Betty’s smile says it all. “Now I don’t have to worry. I’m so happy. I’m going to tell my friends, my family, just everybody.”