Organization, Leadership & Staff

The Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA) (position is now vacant) is responsible for executing ACF’s key national goals and priorities in our six-state area. The Regional Administrator (RA) provides executive leadership and direction to state, county, city, territorial and tribal governments, as well as to other public and private local grantees to ensure effective and efficient program and financial management.

The RA reports to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families through the Director of the Office of Regional Operations.

Under the RA's direction, the staff of the Office of the Regional Administrator:

  • Takes action to approve state plans and submits its recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families concerning state plan disapproval
  • Contributes to the development of national policy based on regional perspectives for all ACF programs
  • Oversees ACF operations and the management of ACF regional staff
  • Coordinates activities across regional programs
  • Coordinates regional initiatives and operations and assures that goals and objectives are carried out
  • Alerts the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families to problems and issues that may have significant regional or national impact

In addition ORA represents ACF at the regional level in executive communications within ACF, with the HHS Regional Director, other HHS operating divisions, other federal agencies and public or private local organizations representing children and families.