Emergency Preparedness

Before, during, and after disasters, ACF Region 6 provides emergency response and recovery by working with federal, state, local, tribal and non-governmental organization partners, including grantees and contractors.  Our goal is to ensure that human service needs are met through a coordinated system of federal and state assistance.

Our Role in Emergency Preparedness and Response

The Emergency Support Function 6 (ESF-6) Annex in the National Response Framework defines human services as:

  • Including the implementation of disaster assistance programs to help disaster victims recover their non-housing losses,
  • including programs to replace destroyed personal property,
  • help to obtain disaster loans, food stamps, crisis counseling, disaster unemployment, disaster legal services, support and services for special needs populations,
  • other federal and state benefits

HHS supports ESF-6 activities and is responsible for ESF-8, public health and medical services. Activities include:

  • Technical Assistance on Federal Rules: Provide technical assistance to states, tribes, and local governments on federal human services programs and potential waivers or flexibilities that HHS can provide during a disaster to expedite benefits.
  • Continuity of Benefits for Clients: Work with states, tribes, and other entities to ensure continuity of services to current human services clients.
  • Assist States with New Enrollees: Work with states, tribes, and other entities who are hosting relocated populations or evacuees with human service needs.
  • Special Needs Populations: Work with states, tribes, FEMA, the American Red Cross and other voluntary agencies and entities to address special needs populations in shelters or other displaced persons. This may include Shelter Assessment Teams who visit shelters and assist with immediate needs of residents.
  • Subject Matter Expert Teams: Provide human services subject matter expert and technical assistance teams who can be deployed to support states, tribes, and other entities.
  • Human Services Partnerships: Build relationships with states, tribes, grantees, local governments, Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (VOADS, and Voluntary Agency Groups (VOLAGs) to address human services preparedness and response.
  • Assistance in Planning & Preparedness: Our regional staff can provide technical assistance and support to tribal, state, and local governments and other organizations in their preparedness planning efforts.


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Amy Grissom, LMSW, ACF Regional Emergency Management Specialist