Impoverished Woman Moves from Subsidized Housing to Master's Degree and Dream Job

Photo of Ms. Rockward and childMonica LaFaye Rockward ‘s path out of poverty  demonstrates how   perseverance and some help from a Community Action Agency can turn a person’s life around.

When Ms. Rockward first became a client of Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA), she lived in subsidized housing with an income below the poverty line.  Gulf Coast offered her a full menu of services over five years—help with her rent, courses in financial literacy, assistance with taxes, an Individual Development Account , even toys for her children at Christmas.

Ms. Rockward applied her IDA funds to her education, completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in special education, a lifelong dream.

She is now a certified special ed teacher in Houston.  Ms. Rockward called her association with GCCSA a “pivotal” moment in her life and proudly invited her friends and mentors from the agency to her graduation.