Organization, Leadership & Staff

Within the ORA, an administration staff:

  1. Develops regional work plans, in coordination with Central Office Program Directors, related to the overall ACF strategic plans, and tracks, monitors, and reports on regional progress in the attainment of ACF national goals and objectives;
  2. Coordinates routine budget, administrative, and human resource funcstions required, including Executive Secretariat, ACF-controlled space, computer and computer peripheral equipment, and health and safety for the ORA;
  3. Coordinates ACF programs during emergencies in the regions, including natural disasters, pandemic flu, or other disasters;
  4. Serve as ACF's focal point for business continuity planning, implementation, and coordination;
  5. Coordinates regional ACF deployments of human services assessments and action teams during State and/or Federally declared emergencies and disasters; and
  6. Coordinates resources for regional special emphasis activites with the HHS Regional Director's office.