What We Do

The Denver-based ACF Region 8 office serves Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. In the Denver Regional Office, the Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA) is headed by Regional Administrator Thomas F. Sullivan, who reports to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families through the Director, ORO. The role of the ORA is to:

  1. Help support ACF's key national goals and priorities;
  2. Communicate ACF's regional interests, concerns, and relationships within the Department and among other Federal agencies and focuses on State agency culture change, more effective partnerships, and improved customer service;
  3. Manage special and sensitive projects;
  4. Serve as a focal point for public affairs and contacts with the media, public awareness activities, information dissemination, and education campaigns in coordination with ACF Office of Public Affairs and in conjunction with the HHS Regional Director;
  5. Assist the ACF Regional Administrator in the management of cross-cutting initiatives and activities among the regional components; and
  6. As appropriate, and in coordination with the ACF Central Office components, assist with activities relating to developmental disabilities, refugee resettlement, economic and community development, tribal and special initiatives.

Regional Administrators:

  1. Oversee the management of ACF regional staff in the ORA;
  2. Coordinates activities across regional programs;
  3. Ensure that goals and objectives are carried out; and
  4. Alert the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families through the Director, ORO, and/or Central Office ACF Program Directors to problems and issues that may have significant regional or national impact.

As requested by the director of Regional Operations or Central Office ACF Program Directors, the ORA represents ACF at the regional level in executive communications within ACF, with the HHS Regional Director, other HHS Operating Divisions, other Federal agencies, and public or private local organizations.