National Child Support Guiding Principles and Strategies

June 10, 2010 Working Document

Guiding Principles

These principles underlie our mission and serve as the basis for how we operate.

1. Customer and Partner Focused – We value and respect our customers and our partners.

2. Performance Results and Outcomes – We value achievement of the best possible results.

3. Data and Information – We value the use of data to support and guide our actions.

4. Human Resources – We value and support staff at all levels of the program.

5. Leadership – We value responsible, innovative leadership.


We implement a range of strategies to carry out our mission and improve our program impact and effectiveness.

1. Collaborate to improve services to our customers and strengthen families.

2. Deliver timely, clear, and accessible services adapted to customer needs and circumstances.

3. Emphasize early intervention and proactive case management to ensure reliable payments of support.

4. Eliminate barriers associated with intergovernmental cases.

5. Seek innovative ways to improve establishment and enforcement methods and performance.

6.Anticipate and implement changes in distribution of collections.

7. Secure access to health care coverage or medical support for children.

8. Identify sustainable and responsible fiscal practices and policies that benefit our customers.