The National Family Partnership and the Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Leadership Awards Dinner
February 8, 2012

Good evening, everyone.

I regret that I cannot be with you tonight to accept this award paying tribute to the battle Kiki Camarena waged against illegal drugs.

I’m humbled to be selected for this honor.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The National Family Partnership and the Red Ribbon campaign are playing a leadership role in nurturing the full potential of America’s youth.

We know that symbols are powerful.  You and the Red Ribbon Campaign show us just how powerful.

The Campaign is a visible reminder of the commitment of young people and their communities to resist the scourge of illegal drugs.

It’s a memorial to all those who lost their futures or lost their lives because of drug use and drug trafficking.

It’s a beacon of a mission that will not end until substance abuse no longer destroys the dreams of so many.

It’s even more—it’s a symbol of our hope that working together, we can make a positive difference.

If we’re going to prevent drug use among our youth, everyone must be involved—and that means government, non-profit agencies, advocacy groups, parents and kids. 

The Administration for Children and Families is happy to be your partner.  We are in the business of providing hope for the most vulnerable among us—the poor, the disabled, the displaced, the young.

So we bring a great sense of urgency to this fight.  We are ready to act.  And we fully recognize that partnerships are key to our success.

Everything you do to raise awareness and mobilize communities against illegal drugs is appreciated.  Your organization and this Administration are united in one goal—to build a healthy, safe, and drug free society.  We will continue to stand with you to reach this goal.

We pledge to continue working with you to show young people that a world bursting with opportunity awaits them.

Thank you again for this extraordinary honor. 

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