Sebrina Blake

In December of 2016, Sebrina Blake joined HHS as the CIO for the Administration of Children and Families.

A six year Army Veteran, Sebrina Blake began her career as an Avionics Mechanic, responsible for the maintenance of a variety of Army helicopters, including Apache, Blackhawk, and Chinook helicopters.

Sebrina began leading information technology teams in the private sector at Sallie Mae, the student loan company. During her time at Sallie Mae, Sebrina was responsible for supporting more than 6000 users located in call centers around the world; managing operations, software development, and engineering to implement standard solutions and security controls at 12 different call centers.

Sebrina joined the federal government in 2011 at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Biometric Identity Management, formerly US-VISIT, where she managed the Service Management Branch; responsible for the 24X7 Enterprise Operations of the Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) and the Arrival Departure Information System (ADIS). Sebrina was responsible for ensuring border patrol agents and other federal partners had the fingerprint matching information necessary to identify foreigners as they entered the country, maintaining seven second response Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and continuous system uptime.

Prior to coming on board at the Administration for Children and Families, Sebrina worked at the Department of State in Consular Affairs as the Branch Chief for ConsularOne. ConsularOne is the IT Modernization effort for over 91 Consular Affairs legacy IT systems. Sebrina was responsible for delivering modernized IT systems for Foreign Services Officers at over 290 Embassies and Consulates around the world as well as Passport Specialist at over 25 Domestic Passport Agencies. Sebrina established the modernization program and managed the implementing of Safe Agile development across the enterprise, delivering capability in two week sprints.

Sebrina holds a Master of Science in the Management of Secure Information Systems from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Computer Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University; she holds a current CISSP, FAC PPM Level III, COR Level III, and she has a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

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