Goal Five: Upgrade the Capacity of the Administration for Children and Families to Make a Difference for Families and Communities

5.1 Enhance management of Administration for Children and Families’ human capital

5.1.1 We will enhance the organizational culture and strengthen ACF workforce through effective agency-specific orientation, training, development, and communication. — Office of Administration

5.1.2 We will ensure all mandatory professional development and training programs for ACF employees at all levels of the organization are available in a timely fashion and will also provide or develop other skill-based and management training programs for ACF employees at all levels of the organization. — Office of Administration

5.1.3 We will enhance the cultural competence of ACF employees through training and special events. — Office of Administration

5.1.4 We will promote a culture that values fairness, diversity and inclusion in the ACF workforce. — Office of Administration

5.1.5 We will develop an effective program of workforce management for ACF, including position management, succession planning and knowledge transfer plans. — Office of Administration

5.1.6 We will increase employee engagement through the strengthening of work-life programs, including the broadening of an agency-wide mentoring program and increased collaboration between work life programs and the Chief Medical Officer. — Office of Administration

5.1.7 We will communicate methods and uniform criteria for recruiting, processing, and managing volunteer interns and fellows. — Office of Administration

5.1.8 We will establish an ACF Staff Wellness Team to enhance personal and professional productivity at ACF through increased self-awareness, improved fitness and eating habits, and continued wellness-skills development. — Chief Medical Officer

5.1.9 We will determine the appropriate personnel, grantees, and subcontractors who should receive training on human trafficking and develop content and standards for that training.  — Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary

5.2 To enhance and streamline administrative management processes

5.2.1 We will provide support to ACF programs for improved acquisition management. — Office of Administration

5.2.2 We will promote efficiencies in conference spending and reporting, in accordance with Office of Management and Budget and Departmental requirements. — Office of Administration

5.2.3 We will establish an efficient and effective system where an applicant’s single audit history is considered during grant funding decision-making. — Office of Administration

5.2.4 We will provide training and technical assistance among stakeholders that strengthen program integrity. — Office of Administration

5.2.5 We will identify and implement opportunities for partnership and coordination across ACF in the development of funding opportunity announcements (FOAs). — Office of Administration

5.2.6 We will streamline and establish consistent, fair, accountable policies and procedures for competitive grant making. — Office of Administration

5.2.7 We will provide reliable and user-friendly grant-management procedures to support program staff, grantees, and stakeholders. — Office of Administration

5.2.8 We will assess the impact, benefit, and affect ACF funding has on Native American communities, and ensure their access to the agency’s programs and benefits. — Administration for Native Americans

5.2.9 We will work with the Native American Affairs Advisory Council to use data more efficiently to inform decision making, educate stakeholders, increase the impact of ACF communications, and facilitate stronger partnerships to effectively address the demonstrated needs of Native American children, families, and communities. — Administration for Native Americans

5.3 Enhance technological support of Administration for Children and Families and its partners

5.3.1 We will improve and strengthen system governance for IT services and the Office of Information Services.  — Office of Administration

5.3.2 We will complete the IT-PIV-Laptop Conversion and ensure central laptop management, security, and conference support. — Office of Administration

5.3.3 We will develop National Services Interoperability Architecture. — Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary

5.3.4 We will establish and provide leadership for the Human Services Domain for National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). — Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary

5.3.5 We will continue to provide outreach, training, and technical assistance to tribes for the successful implementation of the Model Tribal System (MTS) for child support case processing. — Office of Child Support Enforcement

5.3.6 We will expand the use of the Child Support Services web-based portal to facilitate the safe exchange of information between the child support program and state agencies, employers, and other stakeholders and encourage state system modernization efforts to better serve children and families. — Office of Child Support Enforcement

5.3.7 We will perform an environmental scan identifying innovative efforts to link Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) with Medicaid and other administrative data systems at the national, state, and local levels. An internal memo will be produced to inform any future outreach efforts and funding decisions to promote such linkages in support of improved monitoring, evaluation, and service delivery. – ACYF Office of Data Analysis, Research and Evaluation

5.4 Promote regulatory, administrative, and programmatic transparency

5.4.1 We will develop a proposed rule related to the care of Unaccompanied Alien Children. — Office of Refugee Resettlement

5.4.2 We will promulgate the proposed rule on performance standards for Runaway and Homeless Youth programs. — Administration on Children, Youth and Families

5.4.3 Once the final rule on Flexibility, Efficiency, and Modernization in Child Support Enforcement Programs is published, we will provide outreach and technical assistance to states and tribes to assist them with policy implementation. — Office of Child Support Enforcement

5.4.4 We will redesign and update the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) annual report to make it more readable and useful for members of Congress and facilitate better communication with child support stakeholders in order to more effectively tell the story of how the child support program can lead to stronger families and stronger, more capable children. — Office of Child Support Enforcement

5.4.5 We will fully implement the strategic revamping of the OCSE discretionary grant process to focus on the development of research-supported promising practices and policy enhancement. — Office of Child Support Enforcement

5.5 Build ACF capacity by promoting quality and progress in ongoing research and evaluation projects, launching new projects developed in collaboration with programs, and completing reports

5.5.1 We will build knowledge of effective approaches for promoting economic, health, and social well-being for individuals, families, and communities (Goal One) by initiating the Employment and Training Evidence Review and the Job Search Assistance Evaluation. — Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

5.5.2 We will build knowledge of effective approaches for promoting healthy development and school readiness for children in low-income families and other special populations (Goal Two) by evaluating the Head Start Designation Renewal System and publishing findings of the National Survey of Early Care and Education. — Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

5.5.3 We will build knowledge of effective approaches for promoting the safety and well-being of children, youth, and families (Goal Three) by publishing findings from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being and ensuring comprehensive evaluation of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program. — Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

5.5.4 We will build knowledge of effective approaches for addressing the needs, strengths, and abilities of vulnerable and underserved populations (Goal Four) by launching the Center for Research on Hispanic Children and Families; identifying data gaps related to the human service needs of low-income and at-risk lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations; and publishing findings of the Tribal TANF Study and publishing papers of the Hispanic Research Work Group. — Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

5.6 Enhance Management of Key External Affairs Activities

Community Outreach

5.6.1 We will provide communication and outreach support to the Chief Medical Officer to build participation in the ACA Marketplace and awareness of ACA initiatives among ACF constituents. — Office of Public Affairs and Office of Regional Operations

5.6.2 We will build effective relationships with private philanthropies to better support ACF strategic initiatives. — Office of Regional Operations

5.6.3 We will build effective relationships with universities and think tanks to encourage thought-leader partnerships in our program work and to better equip them to discuss our activities and initiatives. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.4 We will promote the ACF website to all stakeholder and public audiences to allow for greater access to information about ACF programs. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.5 We will strengthen dissemination and use of research and evaluation to inform policy and programmatic decision-making through increasing subscriber base for the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) newsletter and launching OPRE social media activities. — Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

5.6.6 We will develop and promote consolidated websites to support various populations – Tribal/Hispanic/LGBTQ/Refugees/Human Trafficking (a one-stop shop). — Office of Public Affairs

Digital Media

5.6.7 We will secure long-term technical support for future website enhancements and maintenance. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.8 We will expand the ACF brand and improve usability and overall user experience with ACF digital media. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.9 We will improve 508 compliance and increase Accenture compliance scores. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.10 We will enhance content quality across the ACF website and social media. — Office of Public Affairs

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

5.6.11 We will develop a customer-friendly online Reading Room with highly requested ACF documents. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.12 We will improve FOIA processing time and efficiency. — Office of Public Affairs

News Division

5.6.13 We will achieve more regular and comprehensive coverage of ACF and its programs in the media. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.14 We will expand news gathering and media outreach capacity to include regional office communicators. — Office of Public Affairs

Printing, Publications and Photography

5.6.15 We will improve ACF’s printing clearance processes to be more efficient and better support the Department’s mission. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.16 We will continue to build a strong collection of photos (with appropriate photo releases) for use by other program offices and on the web, in social media, and in publications. — Office of Public Affairs

5.6.17 We will improve our ability to produce and provide support for the production of quality visual documents, including newsletters, flyers, and other ACF documents. — Office of Public Affairs

Regional Operations

5.6.18 We will conduct a thorough assessment of regional offices’ needs from central office and develop a plan to meet them. — Office of Regional Operations

5.6.19 We will build communication capacity in regional offices to more effectively carry out external affairs in each region. — Office of Regional Operations

5.6.20 We will build capacity of the Office of Regional Operations to provide more effective communication and ACF-wide coordination on high-priority, cross-program strategic initiatives. — Office of Regional Operations