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Training & Technical Assistance

ANA’s authorizing legislation, The Native Americans Programs Act, requires ANA to provide training and technical assistance to prospective applicants and current grantees. ANA provides T/TA in planning, developing, conducting and administering ANA projects, short term in-service training for personnel working on ANA-funded projects, and upon denial of a grant application, technical assistance in revising a grant proposal.

To meet this requirement, ANA contracts training and technical assistance providers (T/TA providers) in four geographic regions: East, West, Alaska, and Pacific (see map at right). T/TA Providers offer free training and technical assistance to applicants and grantees:

Featured Resources

  • Pre-Application manual, a guide to developing and writing your ANA Application

    Pre-Application Training Manual

    This manual and accompanying training are designed to help applicants develop a clear and concise application. Applicants will also learn to determine the fundamental steps necessary to complete their individual projects. Ultimately, an applicant will be able to tailor their project plan to alleviate the identified condition preventing the attainment of their community’s goals.Pre-application trainings are designed to provide prospective ANA applicants with basic information on the federal application process.

  • Post Award Manual Cover, A guide to reporting and managing your new ANA Grant

    Post-Award Manual

    The post-award manual is intended for awarded ANA grantees.

  • National Non-Profit Tool Kit

    Non-Profit Toolkit

    The Non-Profit Toolkit is a 491-page guide with information on creating and managing a non-profit organization.

Last Reviewed: February 7, 2018