Current Grantees

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  • x Social and Economic Development Strategies
  • x Environmental Regulatory Enhancement
  • x Native Languages – Preservation and Maintenance
  • x Native Languages – Immersion - Esther Martinez Initiative
  • x Native Language Community Coordination Demonstration Project
  • x Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development
  • x Social and Economic Development Strategies - Alaska
  • x Native Asset Building Initiative
  • x Sustainable Employment and Economic Strategies
  • x Non-competitive Funding

2020 Grantee Map Key

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  • This grantee spreadsheet includes information on program area; project title; project duration; city, state, and region; and award amount for all current grantees. This includes new and continuing awards for Fiscal Year 2020. (This spreadsheet, and the map above, will be updated for 2020 once all new awards for that fiscal year are complete. For details on current grantees for each program area, FY2019 and FY2020 funds, click on the links above. Language projects typically start on July 1; non-language programs begin September 30.)
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