ANA Grants $37.1 Million to Native American Communities


Two Native American girls working together outdoorsThe Administration for Native Americans (ANA) is awarding nearly $37.1 million in grants to Native American communities and organizations.  These grants will support Native American goals of increased self-sufficiency and stronger communities.  ANA released nearly $11.1 million in new grants to 51 Tribes and Native American organizations.  An additional $26 million went to 72 grantees to continue previously-approved multi-year projects.


The new grants include the following projects:


  • enhancing social and economic development ($7.1 million)
  • improving  tribal governance ($1.4 million)
  • helping Native Americans save for a first home, small business, or education ($1 million)
  • promoting environmental regulatory enhancement activities ($800k)
  • preserving Native American languages and cultures for future generations ($800k)


Most of the new projects strengthen communities’ economic development by providing job training and entrepreneurial opportunities. The social development projects strengthen families and community well-being by promoting education and academic development, healthy relationships and child advocacy. Other projects focus on health and nutrition, preventable disease and increased access to quality health care, including mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment.


“ANA received exceptional project proposals this year,” said Lillian Sparks, ANA commissioner.  “Whether it was a tribal cemetery in Maine, hands-on cultural education programs for at-risk urban Native American youth in Minneapolis, or an emergency preparedness response plan for a tribe in California, we are really excited about supporting such innovative projects for Native American communities.”


Additionally, the environmental grants cover a broad range of activities aimed at restoring, protecting and preserving a tribe or community’s natural resources for current and future generations.


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