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2020 Virtual Pre Application Trainings

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic now affecting the United States, ANA has taken steps to ensure that entities seeking funding for this fiscal year will still be able to virtually attend training on how to submit a competitive application for ANA funding. ANA is introducing on demand training from each of our regional training and technical assistant centers to ensure that applicants have extensive knowledge on how to develop a competitive application for funding. Please look at the regional map and find the corresponding center for your state or territory. Click the link below for the virtual trainings and you will be able to access the content and view at your own pace. If you do not require the training services covering the funding opportunity announcement, ANA highly encourages you to contact your regional TTA provider to use the application review services described here under the heading Pre-Application Electronic Technical Assistance (ETA).

Eastern Region:

Western Region:

Alaska Region:

Pacific Region: