Alert: Fraudulent notifications about grant awards

It has recently come to our attention that someone may be contacting individuals with a fake notification of award from the Administration of Native Americans (ANA). This person sends a realistic-looking letter to individuals notifying them of a grant award, and then asks for personal and banking information. ANA has notified the HHS Office of Inspector General who will investigate this matter.

Please note that ANA will never ask you for your personal or banking information by phone or by email. In addition, we only make awards to organizations and tribes, never to individuals.

Typically, when we are making awards, we will contact your organization’s authorizing official (located on your SF-424) first by phone, and then with an official letter that will include your application title and application number. This letter will always be sent from an email address. All banking and other information is submitted through or the Payment Management System.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk at 877-922-9262. For more information about grant scams, visit the HHS Avoid Grant Scams page.