Funding Applicants: Special Note Regarding Uploading Budget Narratives


Please be advised that there is a conflict in the instructions provided in ANA’s FY18 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) and the application package that is required for electronic submission in the Workspace. In the ANA FOAs, it states that there is a two-file limit and that the line-item budget and budget justification (narrative) should be included along with other Required Application Elements on requirements to be included in File One. File two included a variety of supporting documentation. However, on the Workspace, there is a mandatory form that must be submitted that is named “budget narrative attachment form”. This is a cover page after which you’re asked to attach the budget narrative/budget justification. Therefore, this could result in a total of three files that are required to be uploaded.

In order to not penalize the applicant for this error, the ACF Office of Grants Management has approved a waiver for two-file requirement and will accept the third file that contains mandatory the budget narrative form. The application or File Three will not be disqualified.

Based on this exemption, applicants may choose to:

  1. Exclude the budget narrative from File One and add it as File Three; or,
  2. Add the budget narrative in both File One and File Three.

However, the 150 page limit is still in effect. (Please refer to the respective FOA for more information.) Therefore, if an application exceeds the 150 page limit and includes the budget narrative/justification in File One which is identical to the budget justification/narrative in File Three, we will remove File Three from the application that will be included in the panel review. The application for panel review will instead include the budget narrative that is already part of File One.

We sincerely apologize for this confusion and error on our part. Should you need further clarification, please call your regional TTA provider or the ANA Help Desk at 1-877-922-9262.