Funding Opportunity: Native Language Immersion Cooperative Agreement

Congress appropriated funds to the BIE to build capacity for existing language immersion programs or create new programs leading to language immersion models throughout the BIE. Building capacity involves providing opportunities to collaborate with other BIE-funded schools, local community stakeholders, tribes, colleges/universities and parents to further enhance or create new Native Language Immersion Programs. Programmatic and instructional support are also needed to build capacity such as, but not limited to, developing, revising and refining standards, curriculum, scope, sequence, assessment and teaching strategies.

The purpose of this Cooperative Agreement solicitation is to build capacity within BIE by working with an outside organization(s) or consultant(s) to build foundational elements of a BIE Native Language Immersion initiative. Foundation elements include assessing needs, assets and preferences; strategic planning for the initiative; and organizational learning and development.

Deadline to Apply: July 20, 2018.

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