Quick Fact

    • A staff member from First Ponca Financial Incorporated poses with a project partner

      On average, ANA grantees create or strengthen 16 partnerships per project, helping sustain project benefits after the project ends

    • An elder speaks with two children.

      70% of ANA projects promote intergenerational exchanges, bringing elders and youth together to share cultural knowledge

    • A language mentor poses with her apprentice.

      49 elders and 201 youth, on average, participate in each ANA project, demonstrating our grantees’ commitment to engaging the community

    • Photo from Chickaloon Native Village in Alaska

      Each ANA language project helps approximately 40 youth increase their Native language fluency.

    • Youth is receiving training in science in Alaska

      61 environmental codes for local governments and nonprofits have been developed by ANA grantees in the past six years

    • A smiling group of Native language teachers.

      84 language teachers a year

      are trained by ANA language projects