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  • Native Language Community Coordination (NLCC) TTA Center

      The Native Language Community Coordination Training and Technical Assistance (NLCC TTA) Center connects the NLCC cooperative agreement recipients and provides support to them through training, technical assistance, networking opportunities, Native language resources, tools, and community engagement. The goal of the NLCC TTA Center is to maximize the recipients’ impact on each of their communities’ language revitalization efforts. This website also provides resources to ANA language grantees, applicants, and others working to preserve critically endangered Native American languages.
  • Testimony of Commissioner Hovland on Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance

    On August 22, 2018, ANA Commissioner Jeannie Hovland testified before the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on Native language preservation and maintenance. You can view the testimony at the ACF Office of Legislation and Budget resource page.
  • Webinar: Immersion Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

    This presentation begins with the definition of immersion and then walks through the different techniques including Total Physical Response (TPR), TPR Storytelling, example lesson plans, and the teaching differences between child and adult immersion. View the webinar here.