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  • American Indians and Alaska Natives - Affordable Care Act Definitional Issues

    Definitions of the word Indian in the ACA are not consistent with the definition used for delivery of other federally supported health services to American Indian/Alaska Natives under Medicaid, Child Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), the Indian Health Services (IHS).  This inconsistency affects the ACA’s cost sharing (ACA §1402), special enrollment (ACA §1311), and tax penalty provisions (ACA §1501/Internal Revenue Code §5000A). 
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives – Affordable Care Act and IHS/Contract Health Services

    A person does not lose eligibility for IHS services if they sign up for Medicaid, Medicare, plans purchased on an Exchange or other health coverage and may continue to use their Tribal or IHS clinic if they choose.  An individual using such clinic should inform the clinic that they have insurance so that such clinics can receive payment for services they provide.