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  • ANA Resource Directory

    This directory is a reference to help you find resources through non-profit organizations, government agencies, foundations, institutions and individuals working on a non-for-profit basis that can provide resources, guidance, assistance, and information pertaining to governance, and social and economic development, and any other training and technical assistance needs your community may have.
  • Non-Profit Toolkit

    The Non-Profit Toolkit is a 491-page guide with information on creating and managing a non-profit organization.
  • ACF Webinar for Native Communities Receiving Cobell Settlement Payments

    ACF hosted a webinar for Tribal grantees to learn about some of the various financial protection tools available for individuals, organizations, and Tribes.
  • Language Grantee Promising Practices

    This promising practices hand-out provides advice from ANA Language grantees, collected through ANA's discussion with grantees during impact evaluation visits from 2006-2012. The hand-out includes topics such as developing and managing your ANA project, as well as technical advice.
  • Native Tradition, Environment, and Community Health (TEACH) Project

    Learn About the Native Tradition, Environment, and Community Health (TEACH) Project 2012
  • Fast Facts about Traditional Knowledge and Responsible Partnerships with Indigenous Communities

    December 2012 This fact sheet was developed by Michelle Montgomery for the University of Washington Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health and the University of Washington Center for Genomics and Healthcare Equality.  It covers what traditional knowledge is and how to respect it, as well as characteristics and examples of responsible community partnerships.
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 1

    Evaluation is powerful. During this webinar, learn how to grow your organization and improve your project’s chance at success by instilling a culture of constant improvement, discovered through evaluation. Presented by ANA’s Pacific Region Training and Technical Assistance Center. Watch a recording of the webinar.
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 2

    This webinar will demonstrate how to create or modify an appropriate evaluation of your ANA project.  Learn how to choose—and use—reliable and valid evaluation measures corresponding to your project outcomes and goals. Presented by ANA’s Eastern Region Training and Technical Assistance Center. Watch a recording of the webinar. 
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 3

    Evaluation is more than just collecting and analyzing data. Evaluation is a way to build capacity. During this webinar, we will explore how evaluation data can be a tool to help compare outcomes achieved versus outcomes expected, and then improve processes. Presented by ANA’s Western Region Training and Technical Assistance Center.