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  • Objective Work Plan

    Published: January 16, 2018
    The Objective Work Plan (OWP) form is required with all ANA grant applications.
  • Exhibit 5: Summary of Actions Requiring OPDIV Prior Approval

    Published: August 29, 2012
    Exhibit 5. Summary of Actions Requiring OPDIV Prior Approval OPDIV prior approval is required for Under the following circumstances Alteration and Renovation
  • Glossary of Terms

    Published: August 29, 2012
    Glossary of Terms
  • Objective Progress Report Instructions

    Published: January 4, 2018
    Detailed instructions on how to complete the Objective Progress Report (OPR). Use these instructions when completing related activities and when responding to the request for information contained in the OPR.
  • Sample No-Cost Extension (NCE) Request

    Published: August 29, 2012
  • Sample New Award Letter

    Published: August 29, 2012
  • SF-425 Form

    Published: August 29, 2012
    The page provides a link to SF-425 Forms and instructions.
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 1

    Published: June 6, 2013
    Evaluation is powerful. During this webinar, learn how to grow your organization and improve your project’s chance at success by instilling a culture of constant improvement, discovered through evaluation. Presented by ANA’s Pacific Region Training and Technical Assistance Center. Watch a recording of the webinar.
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 2

    Published: June 20, 2013
    This webinar will demonstrate how to create or modify an appropriate evaluation of your ANA project.  Learn how to choose—and use—reliable and valid evaluation measures corresponding to your project outcomes and goals. Presented by ANA’s Eastern Region Training and Technical Assistance Center. Watch a recording of the webinar. 
  • Evaluation Webinar Series Part 3

    Published: July 11, 2013
    Evaluation is more than just collecting and analyzing data. Evaluation is a way to build capacity. During this webinar, we will explore how evaluation data can be a tool to help compare outcomes achieved versus outcomes expected, and then improve processes. Presented by ANA’s Western Region Training and Technical Assistance Center.