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  • Project Planning and Development Participant Manual

    The project planning and development training manual is designed to provide ANA applicants with skills to plan successful community development projects.  
  • Archived ANA Webinars

    Archived Webinars sponsored by Regional Training Centers
  • ANA Grants Management Toolkit

    Grants management is the management of the program and financial activities that occur when a Tribe, organization, or educational institution signs an agreement with a grantor to accept a grant award and becomes a grantee. The grants management period for a grant does not end until the records retention period for the grant has been reached. With the exception of records retention, the grants management typically starts from the specific date stated on the grant award document (also known as the Notice of Grant Award) and ends on the end date of the grant award period provided all close out activities have been completed. This page provides resources for current ANA grantees to manage their projects.
  • ANA Application Toolkit

    An application toolkit for prospective applicants to help guide them through the process of building their application.
  • Post-Award Manual

    The post-award manual is intended for awarded ANA grantees.
  • Pre-Application Training Manual

    This manual and accompanying training are designed to help applicants develop a clear and concise application. Applicants will also learn to determine the fundamental steps necessary to complete their individual projects. Ultimately, an applicant will be able to tailor their project plan to alleviate the identified condition preventing the attainment of their community’s goals.Pre-application trainings are designed to provide prospective ANA applicants with basic information on the federal application process.
  • Native Youth Toolkit on Human Trafficking

      The purpose of this toolkit is to raise awareness and prevent trafficking of Native youth by educating them on what human trafficking is, available resources, safety tips, and ways to get involved in their communities.
  • ANA Application Toolkit - 2020

    The ANA Application Toolkit was designed to assist applicants in developing their grant applications to ANA. This version was created in 2020.
  • ANA GrantSolutions Grantee Manual

    Download the ANA GrantSolutions Grantee Manual to learn how to use GrantSolutions. 
  • Right on the Money: How to Keep the Doors of Your Nonprofit Organization Open in Good Times and Bad

    The National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth has created a guide comprised of its original articles on financial management and fundraising for non-profits.