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Completing an Address Change

Published: April 10, 2015
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Completing an Address Change

This page outlines the steps for completing an address change for current ANA grantees.

What should you do if you need to change the address for your ANA project?

Notify your ANA program specialist of the change in location and submit the amendment to ensure ANA has up-to-date files on your project.

What should I include in the request?

  •  Cover letter signed by the Authorizing Official explaining the reason for the change in address.
  •  SF-424 (signed by the project's Authorized Representative)

Where do I submit the request?

Complete all necessary documents and submit them electronically via These can be uploaded to GrantSolutions as .pdf or other file types. The forms and certifications can be completed and submitted through GrantSolutions by the Authorizing Official or the Principal Investigator/Project Director.

Last Reviewed: February 22, 2018