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ANA Sustainability Toolkit

Resources and Tools to Assist Projects in Developing and Implementing Strategies for Sustainability

Published: December 13, 2017
Applicant Resources, Grantee Resources, Sustainability Resources, Training and Technical Assistance
Best Practices, Fundraising, Project Planning, Sustainability, Toolkit

This toolkit is about "sustainability" of projects and project elements that are valuable to communities. It includes a number of resources to support you in your design, implementation, and management of sustainability activities. The toolkit addresses five areas:

  1. Planning for Sustainability: The resources include a guidebook on planning for sustainability, template for developing asustainability strategic plan with an example of one department’s sustainability strategic plan, andtools to assist you in identifying the areas your project and/or organization needs to work on todevelop a comprehensive plan for sustainability.
  2. Leveraged Resources: The resource is an exercise that you can do with other community and team members to identify theresources both within your community and outside of your community.
  3. Volunteers: The resources include a guidebook on volunteer management, sample volunteer handbook, and toolsto assist you in developing, implementing, and managing a volunteer program.
  4. Partnerships: The resources include Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together developed by the DHHSCompassion Capital Fund and tools to identify the appropriate partners and resources you canleverage through the partnerships.
  5. Social Entrepreneurship: The resources include tools for self-assessment of potential opportunities and the Administration forNative Americans Social Entrepreneurship Toolkit.

Table of Contents

You can download Part 1 and Part 2 of the toolkit here (due to size limitations, we're unable to provide the toolkit as a single file).


I. Sustainability


II. Community Based Planning


  • Designing Sustainable Programs Guidebook
  • Pueblo of Nambe Strategic Sustainability Plan


  • Identifying Community Goals and Organizational Goals
  • Defining the Current Condition
  • Writing a Goal Statement
  • Selecting an Approach
  • Developing Project Outcome-Based Objectives and Activities
  • Strategic Plan Template

III. Leveraged Resources


  • Example of Community Asset Map
  • Procedure for Tracking Leveraged Resources


  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Tool 1 – Tracking Leveraged Resource Goods
  • Tool 2 – Tracking Leveraged Resource Services

IV. Volunteers


  • Designing and Managing a Volunteer Program Guidebook
  • Sample Volunteer Handbook


  • Tool for Identifying Project/Organization Need for Volunteers
  • Tool for Assessing Internal Readiness of Project/ Organization for Managing Volunteers
  • Planning Volunteer Recruitment Methods Template
  • Designing the Volunteer Job Description Template
  • Designing a Training Plan for Volunteers Template
  • Volunteer Evaluation Form Template

V. Partnerships


  • Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together Guidebook


  • Tool for Identifying Partners
  • Template for Partnership Agreement

VI. Social Entrepreneurship


  • Social Entrepreneurship Business Guides


  • Business Readiness Assessment
  • Developing a Marketing Plan Template
  • Checklist of Information Needed to Write the Business Plan
  • Tool to Determine Production Factors
  • Tool to Determine Capitalization Requirements
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Monthly Statement of Operations Template
  • Statement of Operations Template
  • Statement of Monthly Cash Flow Template
  • StatementofCashFlowTemplate
Last Reviewed: January 29, 2018