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Contact List for Program Specialist and Grants Management Specialist

Published: July 26, 2012
Training and Technical Assistance
Informational Sheet

General ANA Contact Information

Toll Free Phone: 1-877-922-9262
E-mail: anacomments@acf.hhs.gov

Administration for Native Americans
Mary Switzer Building, 4th Floor
330 C Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20201

ANA Program Specialists 

Name Phone E-Mail Portfolio

Young Brinson

202-260-1339 young.brinson@acf.hhs.gov Alaska, ILEAD
Jill Kane 202-205-3508 jill.kane@acf.hhs.gov Alaska, NLCC
Kaylana Gates 202-795-7404 kgates@tribaltechllc.com Eastern
Mari Hicks 202-690-6320 marion.hicks@acf.hhs.gov Eastern, NLCC
Sydney Hurst 202-401-5738 sydney.hurst@acf.hhs.gov Eastern, ILEAD
Salena Reynolds 202-690-8360 salena.reynolds@acf.hhs.gov Eastern,Western
Lee Allen 202-401-5066 lee.allen@acf.hhs.gov Pacific,Western
Ty Braschi 202-358-4872 tahira.braschi@acf.hhs.gov Pacific
Kate Gordon 202-401-5434 Katherine.Gordon@acf.hhs.gov Western
Kyle Johnson 202-205-4723 kyle.johnson@acf.hhs.gov Western
Aretha Ofori-Ansah 202-260-5178 Aretha.Ofori-ansah@acf.hhs.gov Western
Rosia Curry 202-205-4328 rosia.curry@acf.hhs.gov  

Grant Management Specialists

name phone email
Ruthenia Hopkins 202-260-6819 ruthenia.hopkins@acf.hhs.gov
Kenneth Holiness 404-562-2931 kenneth.holiness@acf.hhs.gov
Sheila Miller 202-401-2334 sheila.miller@acf.hhs.gov


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