Non-Profit Toolkit

2017 Revised Version

Publication Date: February 11, 2013

The Non-Profit Toolkit is a 491-page guide with information on creating and managing a Non-Profit Organization, and include helpful attachments and a case study.

The toolkit details the 10 basic steps to form a nonprofit:

  1. Identify your directors and incorporators
  2. Name your organization and develop the mission of the organization
  3. Develop your Articles of Incorporation and bylaws
  4. Incorporate with the state or territory
  5. Prepare and submit your federal application and state application (if applicable) for tax exemption
  6. Develop the organization’s strategic plan
  7. Develop the organization’s budget
  8. Develop the human resource and financial infrastructure for the organization
  9. Plan mission based projects
  10. Secure funding
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