Family Preservation Idea Guide

Publication Date: November 6, 2009

Two couples from Keiki O Ka Aina's Healthy Relationships project sit together at an outdoor table during one of the project's coThe Idea Guide for Family Preservation includes sections on Healthy Relationship/Healthy Marriage, Parenting, and Fatherhood. The guide is intended to be an opportunity for trainers to implement trainings that best fit the community and families with whom they are working. The Idea Guides are separated into sections which present a workshop or training opportunity on each topic. Trainers can spend either two to four hours or an entire day with participants. Much of the material in the Idea Guides has been adapted, with permission, from the Leading the Next Generations Healthy Relationships Curriculum. Included are potential icebreakers, hand-outs, recommended activities, and follow-up activities.


Table of Contents:

-Leading a Group Activity or Conducting Training: A Short Guide

Healthy Relationship/Healthy Marriage Idea Guide

Family Preservation Idea Guide

Fatherhood Idea Guide

Handouts and Activities Quick Reference

-Characteristics of Life Experiences
-Hunters and GatherersTwo women from the Shiprock Home for Women and Children's ANA-funded “Nebraska Indian Healthy Marriage Project,” which ran from
-Giving Effective Feedback
-What is Conflict?
-The Seven Fs of Conflict
-Collaborative Conflict Resolution
-Six Words for Clear Communication
-Positive Parenting
-Loving Discipline
-Seven Gifts
-Three Steps to Changing a Habit

-Culture Walk
-Trauma Web
-Your Behavior During Conflict
-Coyote Language
-Listening Self-Evaluation
-Relationship Roadmap
-Draw a Healthy Community
-Finding BalanceA group of 13 people sit together on top of hay bales on a trailer as part of the Choctaw Nation's Healthy Marriages, Healthy Ki

-Moving it
-Name Writing
-Moose, Mouse, and Salmon
-Fire in the Hole
-Creating Music Together