Pre-Application Training Manual

Publication Date: January 31, 2019

This manual and training are designed to help applicants develop a clear and concise application. Applicants will also learn to determine the fundamental steps necessary to complete their individual projects. Ultimately, an applicant will be able to tailor their project plan to alleviate the identified condition preventing the attainment of their community’s goals. In addition to providing information on the Funding Opportunity Announcement and how to apply, this manual will also address the portions of the application that will be reviewed and scored. Information is provided regarding each of the scoring criterion, the sub-criterion of the criterion, and the different elements of each. It is important that the application writer address all the elements in the scoring criteria because the application reviewers are required to respond to each of these elements. This manual and training will provide instructions to address each of the criteria that will be used by reviewers to score the application.

Pre-application trainings are designed to provide prospective ANA applicants with “nuts and bolts” information on the federal application process and ANA Funding Opportunity Announcements for Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS), Native Language Preservation and Maintenance, and Environmental Regulatory Enhancement. Pre-application training participants should have a defined project idea.  To learn more about available pre-application trainings, and to confirm dates and locations, please contact your regional T/TA Provider.


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