ACF Releases 2015-2016 Strategic Plan

March 20, 2015
Image of a road sign with the word "Vision" with a backdrop of a bright blue sky.

Larger image of a roadsign with the word This past week, the Administration for Children and Families leadership released the ACF Strategic Plan for 2015-2016, which is now posted online. The strategic plan reflects ACF’s shared vision and commitment to priority work for 2015-2016.  

We encourage you to read the document, as it can help one appreciate the breadth and scope of work at ACF. Although we describe our goals and strategic initiatives for 2015-2016, the plan does not aim to describe everything that ACF will accomplish in this period. Much of our daily work involves our responsibilities to ensure that federal funds are spent in compliance with federal law, and that federal grantees meet the terms of their grants. As we carry out these core responsibilities, we seek to advance a set of key goals:

  • Promote economic, health, and social well-being for individuals, families, and communities
  • Promote healthy development and school readiness for children, especially those in low-income families
  • Promote safety and well-being of children, youth, and families
  • Support underserved and underrepresented populations
  • Upgrade the capacity of ACF to make a difference for families and communities

While one of our specific goals is to support underserved and underrepresented populations, we view this as a shared responsibility that is cross-cutting, involves linkages and partnerships across ACF offices, and informs all of ACF’s work.

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