Child Maltreatment 1999

Publication Date: December 31, 1999


This report presents national data about child abuse and neglect known to child protective services agencies in the United States during federal fiscal year 1999.

Table of Contents


Highlights of Findings

Background of the Report

Chapter 1: Reports

  • Screening of Referrals
  • Report Sources
  • Report-to-Investigation Response Time
  • Investigated Reports
  • CPS Workforce
  • Chapter 1 Tables

Chapter 2: Victims

  • Victimization Rates
  • Types of Maltreatment
  • Age and Sex of Victims
  • Types of Maltreatment by Age and Sex (DCDC)
  • Race and Hispanic Ethnicity of Victims (DCDC)
  • Child Maltreatment Recurrence (DCDC)
  • Chapter 2 Tables
Graphic of Child Maltreatment 1999 Cover (PDF)

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Chapter 3: Perpetrators

  • Age and Sex of Maltreatment Perpetrators (DCDC)
  • Perpetrators by Relationship to Their Victims (DCDC)
  • Relationship of Perpetrators to Victims of Specific Types of Maltreatment (DCDC)
  • Chapter 3 Tables

Chapter 4: Fatalities

  • Number of Child Fatalities
  • Fatality Victims by Age and Sex (DCDC)
  • Fatality Perpetrators (DCDC)
  • Fatalities by Type of Maltreatment (DCDC)
  • Fatalities by Prior Contact With CPS
  • Chapter 4 Tables

Chapter 5: Services

  • Preventive Services
  • Remedial Services
  • Factors Influencing the Receipt of Services (DCDC)
  • Chapter 5 Tables

Chapter 6: Additional Research Based on NCANDS Data

  • Research on Reports
  • Research on Victims
  • Research on Services
  • Future Avenues of Investigation

Appendix A: CAPTA Required Data Items

Appendix B: Summary of State Responses

Appendix C: State Commentary



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